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Welcome to YUN online, the homepage of the Victorian Young Unionists’ Network.

YUN Online


Are you young and working, or looking for work? Ever thought that things could be better or that young workers should really get a better deal that what’s on offer? So do we! That’s why we’re uniting with young workers who are union members or interested in knowing more about the trade union movement to fight for our rights at work and organise for change.

YUN was established to bring together young unionists from different industries to organise collectively to fight for our rights. The network is under the auspice of the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) and is funded by unions who are affiliates of the VTHC.

At YUN, we recognise that young people are predominantly employed in casual and other precarious forms of employment where we are all to easily exploited and taken advantage of by unscrupulous bosses. We’d like young people to be empowered with as much information as possible out our legal rights at work and better yet, empowered to take action! Now more than ever, rights which unions have fought hard for are being stripped away and replaced with dodgy individual contracts that take away things like penalty rates, shift allowances, public holiday loading and in some cases, even rest and meal breaks.

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